Micro Robots

SRI International have developed incredibly small and fast robots that are capable of following building instructions - video embedded below:

SRI is developing new technology to reliably control thousands of micro-robots for smart manufacturing of macro-scale products in compact, integrated systems.

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Mosh Pits (Human and Otherwise) by Dan Witz

Dan Witz (born 1957) is a BrooklynNY based street artist and realist painter that has recently been desribed as one of the greatest artist of his generation.

He grew up in Chicago, IL, and graduated in 1981 from Cooper Union, on New York City’s Lower East Side. Witz, consistently active since the late 1970s, is one of the pioneers of the street art movement. 

In recent years Witz has turned to painting, mining the city of New York for inspiration and combining traditional and digital tools in his intensive processes. He begins with digital photographs, edits them in Photoshop, and then prints the images onto canvas as achromatic underpaintings. Like the Dutch masters, Witz then applies color with traditional glazing techniques, allowing him to create illusions of depth, form, light, and shadow, as in Big Mosh Pit (2007), for which he drew on his experiences as a musician in the 1980s for subject matter.    via


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The Third Day | Henrik Spohler | Via

Spohler photographed worldwide sites of plant cultivation, showing fruits, vegetables, ornamental trees, seed laboratories, greenhouses, and followed the artificial irrigation systems that runs from northern California to the border of Mexico. “The third day” is a biblical reference to the day on which all seed-bearing plants were created. The world Spohler depicts, while it produces our food, looks almost completely divorced from nature, lacking in human presence yet utterly dominated by the humans who have utilized genetic engineering and other techniques to standardize plant life as product.

SoP | Scale of Life


prostheticknowledge: - Visual Digital Freedom Manifesto

Demoscene production written in javascript on the theme of technological decentralization:

"The Second Realm" is a term used to describe a permanent autonomous zone that certain groups of Crypto-Anarchists, Anarcho-Capitalists, Agorists, hackers, etc. are trying to create. A place where full economic freedom can be achieved with no interaction with "The First Realm" (our current economy, government, corporations, etc.). They claim the reason is to circumvent the governments control over their everyday lives, to live and trade anonymously and build a better world free from the control of "The Man."

- a visual experiment capturing emerging cryptoanarchy technologies (anonymization networks, cryptocurrencies, reputation models or escrow services) that made possible to simulate a decentralized world without force of central authorities and using coercion.

- a full real-time demo written in pure Javascript with optional WebGL support.

- sponsored by white-hat hackers company Nethemba focused on IT Security


You can try this out in your browser here [and as it is web native, can be watched in your mobile device]